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Silicon Valley
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About Us

Welcome to Accel Business Advisors
Your Trusted Partner in Business Transactions

Accel Business Advisors is a leading business brokerage firm with over two decades of experience in facilitating successful business sales. Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in connecting buyers and sellers, ensuring smooth transitions of ownership. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving your business goals.

Meet Our Team

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with diverse expertise, committed to delivering exceptional service

Helen Liu

Principal Broker

Jordan Zweigoron

Senior Business Advisor

Brian Bacher

Senior Business Advisor

Steve Schaub

Senior Business Advisor

Rick Teh

Senior Business Advisor

Helen Li

Senior Business Advisor

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Region

Our mission revolves around facilitating successful business sales. We act as intermediaries, connecting buyers and sellers of businesses. Our primary goal is to advance entrepreneurship by ensuring smooth transitions of ownership.   

Our vision extends beyond the immediate transactions. It encompasses a future where businesses change hands seamlessly, contributing to healthy economies. By providing training, support, and expertise, we aim to sustain and grow local and global economic ecosystems. Our vision is to empower buyers, sellers, and communities through successful business transitions We aspire to be the bridge that connects entrepreneurs, fosters economic growth, and ensures the legacy of businesses continues to thrive.

Nation wide with a focus in California. Our agents are located throughout all major economic centers of California including Silicon Valley, Orange County, San Diego County and Central Coast.

Our Working Framework

Our streamlined process ensures efficiency and confidentiality throughout the transaction journey:

  1. Valuation: Conducting thorough evaluations to determine fair market value, analyzing financial statements and relevant factors.
  1. Marketing: Utilizing proven strategies, we attract quality buyers through compelling listings and targeted marketing efforts.
  1. Negotiation: Facilitating negotiations, striving for mutually beneficial deals that balance price and terms.
  1. Financing: Assisting in identifying the best financing option for buyer from our extensive network of SBA and conventional lenders.
  1. Confidentiality: Maintaining confidentiality is paramount. We ensure sensitive information is shared only with qualified buyers.
  1. Documentation and Paperwork: Our team assists in sourcing legal advice in preparing and reviewing legal documents, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  1. Closing the Deal: Guiding both parties through the final steps, we ensure a smooth transition of ownership, ultimately closing the transaction successfully.

Our Key Features Of Success

Excellent Communication: We actively listen to our clients’ needs and negotiate skillfully to secure the best deals. Clear communication is essential for building trust and maintaining strong relationships with clients
Market Expertise: Our advisors have been business owners and operators themselves. They understand local trends, property values, and neighborhood dynamics. This knowledge allows them to provide valuable insights to clients and make informed decisions.

Adaptability: We stay current with industry changes and adapt to new technologies and market conditions. Being flexible and open to learning ensures long-term success.

Customer Focus: Putting clients first is essential. We prioritize client satisfaction and objective.

Innovation: We embrace new technologies and innovative approaches to gain a competitive edge in our process.

Goal-Oriented: Collaboration with sellers and buyers to reach deals that are practical and beneficial to both parties.

Relationship Building: Building strong relationships with clients, colleagues, and industry professionals is crucial to us. 


– Excellent Communication: We prioritize clear communication, building trust and maintaining strong relationships.

– Market Expertise: With in-depth knowledge of local trends, we provide valuable insights to clients, aiding informed decisions.

– Adaptability: Staying current with industry changes and adopting innovative approaches ensures long-term success.

– Relationship Building: Strong relationships with clients and industry professionals are fundamental to our approach.

– Customer Focus: Placing clients first, we prioritize satisfaction and objectives throughout the process.

– Innovation: Embracing new technologies and approaches gives us a competitive edge.

– Goal-Oriented: Collaboration with clients ensures practical and beneficial deals for all parties involved.

Our Services and Expertise

Selling a Business: From valuation to marketing, we assist sellers in achieving optimal outcomes.

Buyer Representation: We guide buyers through negotiations, ensuring fair deals and efficient processes.

Financial Consulting: Matching businesses with the best available loans, we facilitate continued operation or acquisition opportunities.